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As we learn more and more about the impact fashion and design has on the environment, there is a push to create décor that is made in sustainable way from renewable resources. Natural fibres, wood, stone, and recycled items are all being used to create sustainable design that is both beautiful and functional.

The 2020 Maison and Objet January’s edition particularly focused on the desires and expectations of an “engaged generation” that has grown up in a world of crises affecting the economy, the environment, identities and migration. With sustainability as another factor that tops the new generation priority list, this group also flies the flag for exchanging items and buying second hand, turning upcycling into a veritable lifestyle.

The rise of conscious consumerism has led to more of us caring not only about the quality or aesthetic of the products that we buy, but the way in which they are made, and the impact that their manufacturing has had on the environment.

A way to be greener is to purchase items with a long-term vision. When you buy, select anchor items, in a neutral colour and style and make sure you buy a quality piece that will last. With advancements in high-performance fabrics and the quality frames many furniture brands provide, you can plan on keeping your furniture for years and then refresh your overall design through art and accessories.

“Faced with multiple global crises, today’s twenty- and thirty-somethings are keen to pull together to change the world and, spurred on by the likes of Greta Thunberg, they don’t hesitate to become actively engaged. It is a generation that is deeply concerned about making a meaningful difference, which is in itself injecting new values into everyone’s way of living.”

Vincent Grégoire, trend hunter at NellyRodi


Danish furniture manufacturer with a passion for rattan since 1942. Handmade furniture and interior made with sustainable materials.


Dareels strives to obtain the maximum quality using 100% recycled materials that reflect its commitment to sustainability. All Dareels products retain their natural characteristics, meaning that every piece is singularly unique.

sustainable green living design



HANDED BY is the leading brand in handmade woven baskets, bags and home accessories made of recycled plastic as much as possible and bamboo.

sustainable green living, ecological design

sustainable green living, ecological design



Sugo Cork Rugs is a brand of innovative hand-woven rugs with a contemporary and sustainable design, differentiated by the use of a cork solution in a manufacturing process which brings the traditional weaving. Design by Susana Godinho. Sugo Cork Rugs combines a special cork fabric with wool or recycled cotton, creating a multiplicity of patterns, colors and textures, which are perfect and functional for any interior space.

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sustainable green living, ecological design sustainable green living, ecological design



Schneid Studio is known for its small batch production, supporting of local manufacturers, short delivery routes and focus on sustainability. Schneid’s independent and self-directed design process enables them to support local workshops and to create new markets for age-old art forms in the process.

sustainable green living, ecological design sustainable green living, ecological design



Studio Roof developed a creative collection of cardboard wall decors and poetic toys. An innovative solution based on great imagination and design.


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