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We often talk about which color work best for your home and we have extensively discussed the psychological effects of color on human behaviour, but who says that the walls need to be painted with just one plain color?

Today, we would like to propose you new alternatives to the “one colour” paint option, discover with us new painting ideas able to confer the right feel to different rooms.

Stripes! A glamorous touch

Stripes are a great decorative painting technique for your walls. When stripes are done well, they can add structure and drama to create a unique feel in any space. Horizontal stripes make a room appear more spacious; vertical stripes make the ceiling appear higher.


Geometric painting ideas give a new perspective on wall decoration, and allow adding two or more colours to interior design. Partial wall painting solutions can turn the surfaces into beautiful canvases for displaying attractive furniture and create fabulous accents that enhance room decorating.

Geometric patterns are ideal for the little one’s room

Letters and lettering

Using stickers, blackboard or a chalkboard paint you can create magnificent effects on your walls…just simply writing on themIsn’t this fabulous!

Color patches

Use this unconventional painting technique to enhance a detail of your room.

We always suggest you to pay great attention to the architecture of the room you are decorating, before apply any paint on your walls. Always try to opt for a mix between strong colours and neutrals tones and try to find a balance between them, according to your personality.

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