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If you’re thinking of buying dining chairs, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to style, shape, armrests, and more.

How can you be sure that you’re making the right choice? It’s important to consider a few things before you commit to a purchase. In this article, we went through the best furniture brands in the world and selected the most stylish and valuable chairs for you.

If you think about it, the kitchen and dining rooms are truly the heart of a home for many of us. These are the spaces where we share good times with family and friends, and indulge in everything entertaining, from cooking delicious meals to enjoying lively conversation.

Sitting is an activity fundamental to everyday life, and if any item of furniture is indispensable, it must be the chair. Therefore, it is essential to select the right type of dining chair to complement our dining room, while also ensuring we are seated comfortably.

Choosing a table comes first, and it can be hard to find one tailored to all your needs. No matter what the occasion, meals around the dining table play an important role in everyday life.

Everyone gathers around the table for breakfast, brunches, dinners, and late lunches, surrounded by the people they love and tasty food. Do not dismiss a stunning dining table simply because it does not come with chairs.

Your table and chairs do not need to match.
Our recommendation is not to purchase your table and chairs as a set since this gives your dining room too much of one material.

The simpler the table, the easier it is to pair with any chair style, and don’t be afraid to combine textures and materials: mismatched chairs and tables make great eclectic dining partners. If you would like to go with the mismatched arrangement, each chair must be unique.

wooden dining chairs

Mix between bentwood Chairs and CH24 – Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen & Son I Source: Wooninspiratie

Thonet No. 214 or No. 811– Bentwood Chairs

The famous coffee house chair is an icon and considered the most successful mass produced product in the world to date:  Thonet Brothers was established in 1819 at Boppard by Michael Thoner, although experiments with the turned bentwood for which the firm became known did not begin until 1930. The Thonet chair is still in production, but you can find also great vintage models. It is quite expensive and it has to be considered as an investment piece – it gains value over time and usage.

wooden dining chairs

Source: Thonet

wooden dining chairs

Marcel Breur – Cesca Chair by Knoll

An original Marcel Breur design, the Cesca side chair fuses traditional craftsmanship with industrial methods and materials to create an iconic design. Marcel Breuer was one of the great pioneers of tubular steel chair design. Cesca is a chrome-plated tubular steel with seat and back of canework on an enameled bentwood frame.

wooden dining chair

Source: East Living

wooden dining chairs


Giò Ponti – Superleggera by Cassina

Manufactured since 1957, the Superleggera wood chair is the rare combination of the architect’s innovative quest and the cutting-edge experimentation by Cassina, becoming the indisputable icon and masterpiece of modernity and extreme artisanal elegance.

wooden dining chairs

wooden dining chairs


Hans J. Wegner – CH24 – Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen & Son

With a form that is uniquely its own, the iconic CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner holds a special place in the world of modern design. When designing the CH24, Wegner chose to combine the back- and armrest into a single piece. To give stability to the steam-bent top and ensure comfortable support, Wegner developed the characteristic Y-shaped back that the Wishbone Chair is named after.

wooden dining chairs


Gubi Gascoin C Chair

 One of Marcel Gascoin’s most well-known pieces, the C-Chair Dining Chair, was designed in 1947. The C-Chair was originally created out of necessity to fit in to the new sizes of homes build at the end of World War II, where Gascoin made up for the lack of space by creating simple, functional furniture. Cleverly designed with great attention to detail, the C-Chair posseses an elegant shape yet sturdy construction rooted in a simple, minimal and strong design language.

wooden dining chairs


wooden dining chairs

J77 chair,  Folke Pålsson for Hay

J77’ chair, designed by Folke Pålsson for FDB in the 1960s and now made by HAY. Available in black, white, dusty grey, stone grey and natural beech

Source: Dezeen

wooden dining chairs

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