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Clearing out your home cleanses your life. Decluttering is the first aspect of Feng Shui, and it is an incredibly powerful process – it literally brings amazing life changes. If piles of clutter are scattered about the home, they disrupt and slow down the positive energy flow, which over time can drain the health and wellbeing of the people living there.

Clutter is more than an inconvenience that can trip you as you go from room to room. A house with too much stuff is physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining. Every extraneous object becomes a psychological hurdle that you have to jump over to accomplish anything.

Discard things that only occupy unnecessary space in your home. Clearing doesn’t mean having to give away things you love or keep a home that’s staid and spotless. Rather, it means having systems and habits that give you easy access to the stuff you need, use, love and find beautiful and that help create a home that is comfortable.

Clearing out your home can be overwhelming; we may have accumulated unnecessary possessions for decades. Start with a small, hour-long project that’s likely to produce success, such accomplishment will encourage you to do more. How many times have you told yourself – I’ve got to get this place organised! -? It’s the little things in our every day lives that make us crazy, like not finding the car keys. Make a list of simple little organisation projects that would improve your day.

Begin every organisation project by reducing the amount of stuff you have. In large part, we are disorganised because of the things that we keep and never use.


Books can be styled by category so you can find what you are looking for easily, by colour for a rainbow of hues or on their sides to avoid a clash of coloured book covers. Sort through your books one shelf at the time and you will see gaps in your once overloaded bookshelves. If you like books and reading, opt for an expandable bookcase.


decluttering organise home bookcase

Expandable bookcase by Atelier Belge


A home office is a necessity for most people and luckily boxes make things miraculously disappear. White file boxes and wire baskets are perfect for study areas: a magazine rack adds some retro cool, and a pin-board is a useful tool for inspiration and to avoid loose paper and receipts piling up on your desk. You can find good quality pin boards on Etsy, like this one from FloeloCrafts.

Natural Cork PinBoard on 9mm wood by FloeloCrafts (UK)

decluttering officeString system by String Furniture


To keep everything organised it is necessary for you to take the time to measure everything you want to store, and invest in see-trough containers in various sizes that work for what you want to store. Store food by categories. Place smaller items in baskets or bins so they won’t get lost on the shelf.

Let us introduce to you the Active Storage principle.

The active storage principle comes from a study on how people work on assembly lines. The authors of this study made specific recommendations on how work spaces should be set up to increase efficiency. Active storage introduces the idea that not everything you store needs to be equally accessible. With active storage, items you use frequently go in the front, on low shelves, and in the middle. Items you use less often go toward the back, up high and maybe in different areas of your home.

String system by String Furniture


Hooks give you a place to hang coats, purses ad umbrellas quickly before they hit the floor and become uncontrolled clutter. Get rid of any item you don’t use during the past season –there is no use in storing items that you are not using. Attach hooks to a wall in hallways, bedrooms or dressing rooms for coats, bags, scarves and jewellers.

Coat Hanger by Rene Siebum © AXT Magazine

Good design can help: organise your things with Anne Linde objects

Tojo by Schuh

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