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Increasingly, our homes need to include workspaces. The life of a remote worker is the envy of every 9-5 commuter. But working from home can be lonely at times, so a workspace that is comfortable and personal is important as having all the right items to do the tasks at hand.

home office, workspace

Home Office Space by MUUTO: Fiber Armchair – Swivel Base (£375)

If you are considering to join the army of remote workers, you’ll want a dedicated space– it is not only more beneficial than the kitchen counter or the sofa, but also provides a physical barrier that forces to leave the home office and have a life. You need to love the space where you are spending most of your day. Besides the perfect workflow and great furniture, you can make the space more you by showing off your personality. Consider repainting; paints are an important aspect of office design as plants, desk lamps, bookcases and a basket or storage.


A productive office starts with a good position. Just because you have a spare room, it doesn’t make it the ideal office space. Maybe you need to move to a different area of your home. The main criteria in determining the location include the desired level of privacy and the specific use of the space. Some people aren’t productive if they are too confined, so it is crucial to understand how they work, and what constitutes a productive and joyful work environment.

home office, workspace

Home Office Space by BoConcept




Cupertino Desk – BoConcept

The right layout

You have to consider the functionality of the space. If you constantly feel like it is not organised or the flow doesn’t work, it is really hard to be productive in that space. While the purpose of the home office depends on the kind of work you do, your work surface – a desk or a worktop – is the main detail of the layout. Generally, a window may be the deciding factor on where to place the desk. It’s just nice to able to take a break from work and look out of the window once in a while. Some research has shown that a disruption in the routine or a change of setting stimulates the brain, improving focus. You have to stimulate your brain regardless the work you do, and it helps to get a fresh perspective and reorient your body


home office, workspace

Home Office Space by FermLiving




Mariolina Chair – Miniforms


Just like a good desk, a comfortable chair can make or break your home-office space. You don’t need to compromise aesthetics for comfort. Next on the furniture list are those things that will keep you organised, depending on the kind of work you do. This may be a filing cabinet, a shelf, a cabinet for supplies or samples and so on.

Adjustable desks are very popular. The best recommendation that health, workplace-ergonomics and productivity experts have is to alternate sitting and standing position throughout the day.

A few other pieces you could work in are bookcases, an additional work surface, an overstuffed chair or sofa and a coffee table.

home office, workspace

LC7 Chair by Le Corbusier for Cassina

Saul Office Chair by £249

Office Space by Muuto


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