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Add a touch of decadence to your home with this luxurious material

If you want to incorporate gold and other metals into a room, keep the colour scheme fairly subdued, whether you go for neutrals, dark blues and jewel tones or light greys and blues.

Gold or brass reflect the light and open up a space, so what better way to use them than in your lighting fixtures. To create alchemy in interiors, brass can be used beautifully on walls for a reflective glow. Metallic brass has a gentler impact with neutral hues of natural sandstone.

Tamara Batsmanova

Sidney House by Arent&Pyke

gold colour interior home

Combines brass with organic materials, such as wood and marble to create a warm look. Gold is more formal as a metallic contrast against sapphire, charcoal or black. Matt gold finish is a softer way to give earthier depth to a room without the colder surface of high-shine reflectivity.

“Combine the glimmering metal with a sculptural design for an instant more luxurious look”

Bring moody glamour to a space with some structural geometry tempered by a warm gold glow. Gold adds contrast to any graphics black and white and breaks up its visual rigor, especially when the metal has gained a patina and the colour begins to soften.


gold colour interior home

Nouveau Collection by Ex.t Design

gold colour interior home

Douglas & Bec

gold colour interior home

Mambo Unlimited Ideas – Link Suspension Lamp

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