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The paint brand Sikkens  revealed its colour of the year for 2020: Tranquil Dawn, a grey with greenish undertones, a colour inspired by the tranquility of the morning, misty sky.

tranquil dawn


How Tranquil Down became the colour of the year 2020? And how can you use it in your home?

Sikkens presented this intriguing colour in Milan – Italy to an international group of interiors designers and architects. During the presentation, Sikkens explained the complex process behind its choice.

Every year, a team of international designers, color creatives and trend analysts are invited to the Akzo Nobel’s Global Aesthetic Center to share their opinions and ideas about the worldwide trends. After an initial brainstorming, the GAC identifies the color of the year to come, creating 4 matching palettes, each specifically developed for a particular interior style.

We determine our Color of the Year by carrying out extensive research into what trends are influencing our lives and how those trends are reflected in our homes, the built environment and the industries we serve.

It was also very interesting to understand how the colour of the year evolved from 2004 to 2020: as you can see from the chart below, there is a noticeable progression from bold, saturated shades – the bright red Tea Dance from 2012 and purply-blue Indigo Night from 2013, for example – to the more muted hues that have taken hold in recent years.

tranquil dawn


The Palettes

The palettes designed around Tranquil Dawn shade allow you to use the Color of the Year in a way that reflects who you are, how you want to feel and how you want to live. It’s been organised into four smaller palettes that reflect the four trends: care, play, meaning and creativity.

1# The home for care

tranquil dawn

This light and airy palette is ideal for creating spaces where we can make time for really important relationships: with ourselves, with our loved ones, with nature, with our homes and with our built environments.

2# The home for play

tranquil dawn

This palette is ideal to add a playful touch to your home. The mood is young and vital, modern and energetic.

The play home palette is light and bright – and  it can be combined with geometric patterns and bold materials like ply, marble and metal.

3# The home for meaning

tranquil dawn

This palette is the perfect choice if you are looking for a relaxed and modern atmosphere. Tranquil dawn is combined with clean lines and natural materials such as linen, wood and leather.

4# The home for creativity

tranquil dawn

A palette studied for the creative people, that love to join tradition with modernity. In the creative home, you are able to build your own narrative.

The creativity palette is rich and saturated, inspired by the colors of a warm autumn day. It’s full of intense tones, combined with classic materials such as leather and wood and contemporary touches like rattan and woven textiles.

Our choice?

We are in love with the third and fourth palette, where the terms “relax”  and “classy” are the core center of the project and Tranquil Dawn is combined with concrete surfaces or bold, dramatic hues.


Pictures Akzo Nobel e Sikkens

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