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Trends come, trends go, but the colonial style remains one of the most eclectic and bold look to follow if you want to add an exotic, well-travelled touch to your home. Colonial is all about travel: it is a celebration of traveling influences and exploration. But you don’t have to actually jet around the world to look like an experienced globetrotter and dive into this style.

colonial style
Hotel sanders – Copenhagen

Use rattan and bamboo to create a colonial feel, as well as sexy velvet to add a touch of French chic. You can also add a dose of English’s eccentricity and flamboyance that comes from printed fabric. The key is to avoid having everything matching; perfection is boring, so try to find a way to add something offbeat or unexpected. Mix and match chairs and your kitchen table, or weave different textures like wood, metal, fabric throughout a room. A gentle mixture of furniture expresses life and continuity, but it must be a delicious mixture that flows and mixes well. Mix things up a bit with quirky pieces that keep the look fresh and original.

Retro and contemporary furnishings mingle easy with a traditional colonial look. Rugs and pillows with exotic pattern also add flair of world travel to any room. Vibrant graphic designs are printed ad mixed together for a dramatic look that is both striking and fun.

Colonial Style Interior Design

Colonial Style Interior Design

Colonial decor bedroom

Hotel sanders – Copenhagen

colonial style Kitchen

Hotel sanders – Copenhagen

colonial style




. Colour palette: the sand and white palette with hints of driftwood grey is true to the colonial style. Add punches of deeper hues to lend sophistication and add warmth and glamour.

Amangalla Hotel, Galle

Amantaka Hotel

. Texture Talks: colonial style comes with a simple neutral palette, you really need to add texture. Each room needs a balance of wood, metal and stone. Natural fabrics such as linen, wools and coconut fibres generate a sense of luxury and warmth. Texture is earthy, cosy and transform a room. It’s luxurious and often a little unexpected.

Hotel Des Art, Saigon

. Exotic Plants: Kentia palms and banano plants + old prints ( botanical prints) and modern paintings. Marble effect flooring or black and white tiles for the exteriors, dark timber for the interior floors ( teak, mahogany and ebony). Ginger jars and foliage, bamboo furniture, green and blue velvets and collectibles.

Raffles Hotel

Hotel sanders – Copenhagen

. Cane furniture combined with 19th century furniture and plantation shutters. The soft tonal variation of light rattan and the neutral warm brown of local teak furniture is a classic combination which gives the plantation style look its unique appeal. Day beds in the plantation style are also popular and a great place to while away the afternoon.




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