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Paintings, photographs, prints and sculpture play a significant role in decorating choices, and there are many ways in which to show them off to their best advantage.

Whether it be a small sculpture, a large printing or a delicate object, an artwork of any type will make an indisputable impact on an interior. Works of art may be seen as providing the final touch to a decorating scheme: there are no hard or fast rules, however the majority of people buy a certain object or sculpture to enhance the existing style of their home.

Picture courtesy of TSF – The socialite Family – Olivier Amsellem and Odelia de Cock House

Scheme: Table Lamp (vintage) + Candles + Tray
Picture courtesy of Maria Costa photography. Classic scheme: a matching pair of table lamps, books with a gold sculpture and a modern print in the middle.

Displaying objects effectively is a matter of pinning down a number of variables, starting with which room to hang, mount or stand the work. It’s like a puzzle, and you have to start putting the pieces together where they harmonise.

It all comes down to the selection and method used to arrange decor pieces for a particular space.


Understated elegance always makes a difference, particularly with a sculpture. The busts provide a focal point of simple beauty, with the antiques on display on modern-industrial cabinets

Size is another important factor to take in consideration: a large piece needs a correspondingly large wall (or stand) and crucially, enough space in which to be able to step back and admire it. A small piece will look odd hung on its own on a very large wall, but this can be overcome, either by grouping a smaller amount of objects together or using an easel.


The important thing is to tell a story with your objects.

If your style is simple and cosy, keep few objects and items on display, all in natural colours and material. The secret here is: less is more.
Galerie Mobler: prints and vases, all on the mid-century cabinet
H&M Home – How to display every day objects such as vases and candles on a coffee table
A vase, one candle and a sculptural object to underline the purity and simplicity of this super sleek bathroom

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