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How to create your own urban jungle

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There are lots of ways in which you can include plants into your home and create fabulous garden rooms.

Decorating with plants is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a home feel more cosy and energetic. Houseplants bring life, beauty, character and texture into every space. They instantly change the atmosphere and add that ‘wow’ factor your room needs to stand out.

From design-forward planters to outside-the-box styling, these ideas will inspire you to create your own indoor jungle. But let’s get start with the most suitable indoor plants for your home.

Monstera Deliciosa

This plant was really popular in the ‘70s and it’s perfect with vintage and modern furniture. It is also perfect to give ‘that’ tropical touch to your home.

Monstera_Garden room-01Pictures from  © and  © Rimma Tchilingarian


Another plant really popular in the ‘70s. It is extremely decorative and really easy to treat. The trend is to hang it in the kitchen or in the dining room.

garden rooms, plants, decorate

Pictures from  ©Anthropologie and  © The Rug Company


Cacti are really popular now and they are mainly related to a hipster culture and style. What is great about they are low maintenance plants. Try to position them in groups on tables, coffee tables and sideboards. For a stand alone tall cactus the best  is the Peruvian cactus – alias Echinopsis peruviana.

garden rooms, plants, decorate

Pictures from  ©Agent Bauer e Kristofer, ©, © ANNA TRUELSEN

Tropical freshness

The most common species to give that tropical feeling to your room are: Strelitzia reginae – known also as bird of paradise – Kentia Palm, Fiddle leaf fig, Peperomia polybotrya

tropical plants-01

Pictures via welcomeback, nomadicway, © the-brick-house, © Pebbe Brancato

And now where and how you can use plants into your home. Basically, everywhere.

Entry Way

Hall-ways are the first space you and your guest see when you enter your home. It has to be spectacular. Large-leafed species like dracaenaphilodendron or Ficus benghalensis can really fill up a sparsely entrance hall and leave their mark.

Living Room

Several flowering plants in a basket or arranged in small pots on the same table can serve as a beautifully colourful accent to your dining room.


Kitchen decorating with house plants is an easy and attractive way to create beautiful space and save money. Green house plants make kitchen interiors welcoming and pleasant.


This is the perfect place for tropical plants because there is a lot of humidity and water . For example, this is the perfect habitat for orchids. The point is to use plants and flower always in groups an never alone. Try to fill the space.


With stress and anxiety causing most of the insomnia related issues, it is a good idea to fill your home and bedroom with a variety of plants. Choosing the right plants for your bedroom can be a fantastic way to help give you a relaxing night of sleep too.

Cover Photo By Lorenzo Pennati 

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