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With winter closing in, turn your attention to creating a warm and inviting place and settle right in until spring. We all know, the key to pass a comfortable winter is to stay cozy. And it is easier to achieve then you think. The first step is to work out how to keep the cold out and the warmth in.

Work with your existing linens and furniture by layering soft furnishings that help create visual as well as physical warmth. Cable-knit wools, faux fur or velvet cushioning and throws will give you the right visual and physical cues. It’s the little things that make a room feel inviting. Tactile throws are essential in a winter living room and a great way to keep a room interesting.

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Béatrice Laval Goa By Night 

Close the curtain and choose lamps rather than overhead lighting to make the room feel like a cocoon. Think about swapping your pot-plants or floral arrangements to winter- blooming varieties such as lavender and winter rose. These traditional and pretty flowers will give you something colourful and fragrant to enjoy when you are spending more time indoors.

Mountain retreat: interior design by Nicole Davis

Think, too, about the warming glow of a fire, if you don’t have a fireplace or the ability to create one, invest in candles of all shapes and sizes and arrange in groups through your home. The flicker of the candle’s flame creates a relaxing, even meditative ambience.

Mountain retreat: interior design by Nicole Davis

Chose your candle scents to add a final layer of sensory delight. Although always pretty, sharp citruses and light floral will seen a little out of kilter before spring, but favouring anything woody, earthy or smoky will satisfy all your senses through your winter hibernation.

Warm Up your space with:

+ faux sheepskin chairs cover

+ Velvet cushions

+ Knitted throw

+ Knitted puff

+ Rattan rug

+ Glass vases – urns

+ Natural wood coffee tables

+ Ceramic decorations

+ Lanterns



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