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Energetic colours usually give strong personality to the ambient they are put in. And Black is one of those!

It is elegant and sharp. But if you think it doesn’t fit to any room of your home, we suggest to apply it cleverness in very bright spaces, even if not extremely wide.

If in your apartment, the kitchen and living room are set up as an open space with big floor-to-ceiling window, then it could be the good chance to add some sexy sleek black to your ambient.






How? Starting with the kitchen, painting a wall with a black chalkboard paint. It become a stylish graphic element, matching any style of your kitchen.

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It is important to prepare the surface with an high-quality primer and to buy the right amount of paint in order to have enough and blend it evenly on the wall.

The furniture surrounding has to be possibly white, glossy and in general with bright colour. Stainless steel is also a good combination, to give a very trendy post-industrial look

A great example is a kitchen combination with white cabinets and with a black matte countertop (charcoal) and stainless steel appliances. Essential.

This setup gain more value with a rustic dining table with hi-tech steel chair. TIP: Try matching different models, design and colours!

A clear bright floor, tending to white will then create a great contrast in your your room

It’s always good to play and dare with mix-and-match colours and materials.



What if you have a hardwood floor with red/maroon hues? This could be the final result. Not bad, isn’t it?


Actually it matches very good with a boho/vintage style too, adding handwritten text lines on the walls and giving that interesting retro look.


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  • […] One of the solutions we really like involve the removal of the old tiles covering, reshaping the wall and using a enamel painting in order to make the backsplash waterproof and washable. If you are looking for something particular, you can choose a chalkboard paint to use the wall as a writing board. Check our post about chalkboard black paint […]

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