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If you are in the process of designing your new kitchen but you don’t know where to start, we have the right hints to help. Our design team selected some of the best kitchen decorating ideas for you.

A great kitchen does not need a lot of space, just a great design. The kitchen is not just a space where to cook and eat; we actually live in our kitchen. It is the true heart of our home. Whatever you are renovating, designing or updating your kitchen, we are sure that this little, special guide will inspire you.

1 Coordinate the sink with the tap and the countertop.

Use the same colour for the sink and the mixer. It is one of the detail that makes the difference. You can also match the sink with the kitchen top for a more intriguing and refined result.

Small kitchen by Nora Pastore. On the right: counter top sink by Ceramica Cielo Terre di cielo


An idea to steal from the Pros: choose a green countertop basin for your kitchen. Then, paint with the same colour all the kitchen doors. The result is simply amazing and your little kitchen will acquire personality and drama.


Shocking orange! We love bold, strong colours and orange is perfect when it is combined with grey.  Sodea House – Vmx Architects 


Total black. Project by Anne Sophie Goneau. Photo Adrien Williams

2 The vintage item

One of the best tricks about decorating is to combine a modern kitchen with a vintage item. It could be an old table or a cabinet but the final stunning effect is guaranteed.

Italian Style

A very dark and masculine apartment in Milan, designed by the famous architect Rodolfo Dordoni. Dark colours, metallic reflections and vintage wood chairs.


Old storages combined with a gold, metal kitchen. The non-plus ultra is the bold colour on the walls. Project by Dimore studio.


Or using an iconic chair like the Superleggera by Gio Ponti ( 1951). Project by Dimore studio.


3 Use the same colour for the kitchen and the wall.

Think at your kitchen as a unique, entire wall. You can try to match the wall with the colour of your cabinets, dividing the seamless vertical surface with a marble countertop. In this way your kitchen will be part of the house and not an item completely disconnected with the rest of the space. Don’t be afraid about the backsplash. You can treat the wall with special, washable paints that make the backsplash completely waterproof.


Dark green and White Carrara Marble, aluminium accents. Picture from Devol Kitchen


Dark colour with white tiles floor and vintage table. Picture via Decoholic


A total grey kitchen with stainless steel countertop and details. Picture by Feelinspiredblog

4 Goodbye upper cabinets, welcome shelves

 We often assume that both upper and lower cabinet are necessary but it is not always true. In this case, less is more. Without a doubt, wall mounted cabinets are a useful storage. But a major disadvantage is that upper cabinets make a kitchen seem smaller by closing the space. The layout without upper cabinets will help you to keep on hand only what you really need and you use on a regular basis.


Kitchen by Vipp.


Picture from Dezeen

5 Add a focal point (or the unexpected element)

 Without a doubt, add some unusual accessories is the fastest way to refresh the look of your kitchen.


Round shaped mirrors in contrast with very geometrical lines, as in this picture from Archilovers.


An handpainted picture. The Italian Design by Ernestomeda

leather handle-01

A particular set of handles. Image from Planete-deco. Handles available here, on MadeMeasure website


Terracotta vases



Terracotta vases from Incipit lab


An industrial light like this evergreen from Jialdè Loft 1000DX

Cover Image – Apartment in Paris by ART BURO

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