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Turn your bed into a centerpiece with one of these eye-catching headboards design.

Sometimes the addition of a headboard can be just the five-star statement you need, turning a standard bed into a wow piece and your bed into a focal point around which the rest of the bedroom décor is decided.

In times gone by, headboards were there to keep out the draught, so tended to be in solid wood. Now a headboard offers other practical benefits as well as looking good, such as keeping the mattress in place and providing back support for reclining while reading in bed.

Upholstered headboards once had a rather dowdy image but the new generation that’s now leading the way is quite the reverse. As well as cotton and wool there are plenty of alternatives for upholstered styles, such as leather, velvet and suede.

headboards, testata lettoAt the new Hotel Bienvenue in Paris, the asymmetrical, velvet-trimmed, tone-on-tone headboards — mixed with statement-y, wall-hung iron sconces — are the focal point in each room – Image and text via SightUnseen
headboards, testata lettoThe pocket of the Bag headboard is a simple and smart idea, to keep a small world of objects always handy. Bag bed by Caccaro

The trend now is for luxury and lush. Think leathers, textured plains and velvets, all of which look great when buttoned, piped or studded

headboards, testata lettoImage: Lady B. by Alivar
headboards, testata lettoThe M headboard by Thornam

Sybilla bedhead by Incy Interior

A wooden headboard is a good way to introduce warmth into your scheme and a slim wooden model is ideal for a minimalist scheme. Or you can go for a Scandinavian look with painted wood.

Bespoke wooden headboard for an Hotel.

Bespoke models will give you freedom of choice and can help co-ordinate the bed head with other elements in the room.

As well as looking good, a headboard provides other benefits such a keeping the mattress in place and providing support for your back.
Kauffman headboard by Mobenia
Vintage headboard
Unconventional: ceramic tiles headboard ad in casa Talia – botique hotel – by Marco Giunta and Viviana Haddad, Sicily
Cain textures: The House Hotel Bosphorus, Istanbul. Turkey.

Height is another consideration. Low headboards suit minimal rooms and are also practical where there is a low window, although if one of you is tall they can be uncomfortable; ideally it should be at least 125cm high. It’s all down to personal taste but as a guide the headboard should be around one third of the wall height.

Low headboard by Caccaro. Mod. Groove

Extra tall headboards make a dramatic statement – although bare in mind the ceiling height if you don’t want it to dominate. Choosing a headboard that’s wider than the bed creates a sophisticated look and this style can also be used to incorporate features such as shelves or drawers.

Studio Ilse, Embassy House

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