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In these period we are dealing with a new interior design project  in Milan and one of the requests of our client was to create a boiserie in the living room.

The boiserie was a very popular wall covering  during the 17th and the 18th century, especially in France. At the beginning the boiserie was a floor-to ceiling wood covering, while in  the 18Th century became a lower panel to cover just the bottom of the walls.

But one thing is for sure: the boiserie has always been synonymous of luxury, power and grandeur in the world.

architetturaxtutti_05 16 9

Today, several manufacturers  decided to experiment in this field: what was a very bespoke product now is a modular and flexible system of panels that allows you to personalise your wall in different ways.

Gravina parquet – Argo

architetturaxtutti listone giordano 16 9

Lualdi – with the collection Layer – decides to renew the original concept of the boiserie adding doors, bookcases and structures to create various layout.

Boiserie 2014.pdf

Boiserie 2014.pdf

Another interesting example is the decorative panel Bamboo by Diego Maria Piovesan for LauraMeroni characterized by unique and innovative texture.

architetturaxtutti laura meroni bamboo 16 9 02

Garofoli group

architetturaxtutti garofoli 16 9 05

Finally, if you choose a boiserie with a modern style with a strong texture  – such as the one described above –  be careful to not add a lot of furniture, colours and decor. Keep it simple. The boiserie is the real protagonist of you room.

If you choose a more neutral tone or a monochrome paneling you can definitely play more with the other elements in the room.

Boiserie 2014.pdf

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