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Traditional furniture made from wood or stuffed material has followed us around for generations. While it may feel comfortable because it’s been with us for so long, such density takes away from the space in your home.

 Instead of blocking where your lights try to illuminate  your space, look to wireframe and metal mesh furniture of the industrial style to keep your design classy and looking spacious. The new home trend will be the Metal Mesh furniture.

metal mesh furniture-03

New surface- Courtesy of Ryarch

The use of metal mesh furniture for the interior seems out of place at first. Metal has always just felt cold to people, almost lifeless. However, this is changing with the advent of wireframe tables, mesh closet doors and steel chairs enhanced with comfortable padding similar to those stocked at EMU. Places like EMU are focused on designing the latest in appealing metal mesh to add exactly what you need to make your home sophisticated without feeling smothered.

metal mesh furniture-01

Emu – Ivy Collection. Price from £900.00 ( for the Armchair) to £1500.00 ( for the sofa)

But instead of blocking light entirely like other types of furniture, each one allows light to filter through, giving visitors a look at what’s beyond the furniture, opening up your space.To offset a room of entirely metal, many of these furniture pieces incorporate at least one other material to break up any monotony. For closet doors, for instance, the frames can be made of a light mahogany, framing the new within the old.

metal mesh furniture-10

Courtesy of Remodelista

metal mesh furniture-03

Jesse Visser-Harold Gold

Plus, black metal on light brown creates a visually pleasing yet striking contrast that can offer great variety to any design. As for the chairs, the legs are carved from various grains, drawing the eyes down and through the wireframe to take advantage of the visual spectacle.


metal mesh furniture-02-02-03


Add a light and colorful touch to your home with the latest trend of wireframe furniture for your new design. Find out today why metal is the new must-have.

metal mesh furniture-01

Decode-Tripod stool – price around £250.00 each

metal mesh furniture-02

Bonaldo-Tectonic-price around £160.00each

metal mesh furniture-03

Darklight Design-Zero Grid Lamp-price around £650.00

metal mesh furniture-03

Urban Outfitters-NestedCage £150


Kettal-Patricia Urquiola

Front image: Dabbous in London Brinkworth  ArchDaily.


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