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If you are a fan of using mirrors as decoration then vintage mirrors are just what you should looking for.

Beautiful, light boosting and luxurious, mirrors glass add depth and interest in every room. No home is complete without a vintage piece able to add a sense of character and history to your style and environment. That’s why buying vintage mirrors is a great choice for when you want to furnish your home in a style that is completely your own. Plus, it is one of the smartest choices when it comes to buying good quality furniture for less.

With the word vintage you are looking for something from a specific era. To be vintage, an item should be at least 30-40 years old. If it is more, it is considered antique.

Whether you are going to an antiques store, vintage shop or estate sale, here is what to look out for.

1. French shaving mirror or triptyque mirror

A 1950 -1960 tri- fold three way traveling mirror with a chain to hang on a door or wall. The triptyque folding mirror is an evergreen, especially now that the Bohemian style is so popular.

 vintage mirrorsvintage mirrors

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Launched by the film The Dreamers – Bernardo Bertolucci – in the famous tub scene.


Copyright Medusa Distribuzione (Italy) – 2003


2. Frameless bevelled edge wall mirror

Different shapes and dimensions, perfect alone or combined with other mirrors. This art-deco mirror is a very simple way to add a little bit of glamour into your room. Perfect alone or in-group, you can never go wrong with a cluster of old mirrors; they add warmth, reflect light and make the room unique and larger.

0CZoUU0C vintage mirrors

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Seen also on the curious case of Benjamin Button

vintage mirrors

Copyright Warner Bros. Pictures – 2008


3. Mirror from Ship’s Mid-Century Stateroom or Pharmacy mirror with shelf.

A masterpiece. Perfect if you want to achieve an industrial style. It is a quite rare item at the moment so – if you can find one and it is original – buy it immediately.

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Left image: courtesy of Right image, courtesy of Remodelista


4. Vintage round mirror

This is the chic item that can make any room bigger.  Round mirrors can be a statement piece in every room in the house, adding stunning chic factor to entryways, living rooms, and bathrooms.

7f1e569cbf18a0b14da209a6be7cc294-678x1024  68775dd5ed7c4898957d9bef729f0c05

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5. The DIY trick

Simply buy a vintage or antique frame and fill it with a mirror. You can find fabulous frames at the flea markets for a very cheap price. Then you can ask an expert to cut a bespoke mirror for you, with the correct dimensions to fit it into the frame.

You may miss the old patina on mirror but on the market you can find special paints able to reproduce the effect.

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