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A brief introduction to the wood flooring world

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If you are buying or renovating your home, the first thing you will have to decide is the appearance of the floor. In recent years, wood floor has regain its popularity. The warm welcoming appearance and natural elegance makes it a perfect alternative to carpet or ceramic tiles.

We have no doubt that among the various types of flooring available on the market the wood flooring is always the right choice. With new production technologies – which make the wood a stable and durable product – you can also apply the wood floor in your bathroom and kitchen.

Certainly, it is also one of the most expensive coating available on the market, especially in comparison with the ceramic tile and carpet. But the initial investment will be repaid.

To find out which wood essence is right for you, you have to understand and foresee how your house will look in the future. You have to think about the colour of the windows and doors, and find out if the selected wood works well with the general look of the space.

Neutral woods

wood floors, flooring

From left to right: Oak extreme white oiled / Maple Europe white oiled /FIR lye treatement white oiled © Mafi.

A beige or white wood floor will match perfectly with all the colours and furniture you have in mind. A desaturated wood can be combined with light and dark colours and it is the perfect choice if you love the Scandinavian Style.

Natural and white oak are the most popular essences although the latest trends in interior design want them in grey.

The white wood amplifies the light, enlarges the space and works really well with strong and contrasting colours (dark blue, dark purple and fuchsia for example).

A grey wood floor will match very well with strong colours such as green, yellow and orange. Among the pastel colours the best combo remains the pale pink plus copper.

Oak, maple and ash are the ideal choice if you are looking for a neutral floor.

wood floors, flooring, parquet,colour palette

wood floors, flooring, suggestion

wood floors, flooring, suggestion



Warm woods


wood floors, flooring, suggestion

 Maple natural oiled / Cherry USA natural oiled /Pear Europe natural oiled © Mafi.

wood floors, flooring, suggestion

Ash Medium natural oiled/Larch treatment natural oiled/Beech Rosso natural oiled © Mafi.

With the word “warm” we mean all the woods with a strong color in shades of red and brown. This category includes cherry, maple, beech, larch and walnut. These woods are ideal for both a modern and classic style.

The warm woods, as the word suggests, immediately fire up the environment and give a classic elegance to your rooms.

The perfect colours match for these types of flooring are teal, turquoise, mint green and gold.

wood floors, flooring, parquet,colour palette

wood floors, flooring, parquet,colour palette


Dark woods

wood floors, flooring, parquet,colour palette

Acacia natural oiled/Walnut USA natural oiled/Beech Dark natural oiled © Mafi.

Ash, Acacia, Oak, Walnut and Beech. The dark floor is intriguing and stimulating. It is perfect with light furniture and white walls but also with very dark and deep colours. Dark colours combined with a dark floor is certainly a bold and dramatic choice- a very masculine and strong look but extremely chic.

wood floors, flooring, parquet,colour palette


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