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Nowadays, our living spaces are more compacted and multifaceted. These spaces change their primary function during the years – or even during the day – to meet our needs. Our houses can be a well assorted container for different tasks: family home in the morning, office during the day and social hub or relaxing oasis during the night.

modular system ZUTIK ALKI

That is why the design companies are developing new multi-functional furniture able to change their aspect on the basis of their roles during the day.

An example?

The modular system Zutik by Alki.


Zutik is a modular system organised along a horizontal wooden oak beam. It can be reconfigured over and over again, so it perfectly adapts to either large or small spaces. It continually changes its shape and colours. The beam size can vary from a length of 1 metre up to 3 metres, and the main accessories are shelves, hooks, wooden pockets, acoustic panels and a mirror. These elements come in a delicate and trendy pastel colours palette, and they are easily combinable among each other.


modular system ZUTIK ALKI

You just have to choose your favourite colours and accessories to create your perfect set-up.

You can also take inspiration from our gallery above. Isn’t it amazing?

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