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Maison and Objet 2016

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Molo Design is a Canadian company specialized in furniture and walls made by recycled paper.

The inside of all of its furniture is characterised by a honeycomb structure in 50% recycled paper and two typologies of not-fabric. This structure guarantees a high degree of flexibility, resistance and expansion, allowing the dividing Softwalls to lengthen up to the quadruple of their volume and take on any desired shape. The end of every single module is magnetic and allows the hooking to other modules and to metallic structures.

The Paris installation was made by stacking the modular elements of molo’s fanning paper stools and cantilever paper tables, showing the versatility and strength of these structures made entirely from paper. All elements in molo’s soft collection have flexible movement and form and interact with one another in various modular relationships to allow you to follow your own intuition and vision in shaping and reshaping space. 

The result is extremely innovative and scenographic.

Molo seems to be the correct answer for those people who desire to expose and design in environmentally friendly way, containing the costs of transport and disposal. An intelligent solution to have a recycled and low cost stand at the same time.

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