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Maison and Objet 2016

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The Wild Pavilion at Maison and Objet – Paris 2016 is a total, immersive experience in the natural and primordial design environment.

The show’s main theme – WILD – has been interpreted by Fracois Bernard and L’Observatoire de Maison& Object in an experiential journey through different rooms, bringing the visitor back to its origins and nature.

The self support structure is the main key for the entire pavilion. Made by black, tubular steel, it is used to support the external skin, lights and all the decorative elements made by the scenographer.



The entrance to the pavilion is a real forest. A cascade of branches reproduce the feeling of being in a wood. The branches are also used to show the information regarding the objects.

The next room is brighter and more open. Its really interesting the choice to use the camouflage net as walls. Then the curators used real soil to define the boundaries of the exhibition.




This pavilion is interesting for a good number of reasons, starting from the material used to cover walls and flooring. When you cross the different areas you really feel a wild sensation as you are in a ancient, untouched era. In the exhibition, the nature really express itself in all its first states, from the wild to the sacred.

We return to the forest to reset.









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