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Why it's better to choose an integrated wardrobe

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We talked about bedrooms and how to decorate them but we didn’t focus one on the most important item of the room: the wardrobe. 

Don’t know why, but I don’t really like wardrobes. Probably because if you choose the wrong one it could be so oppressive and inadequate to overcome all the rest in your room.

On the opposite, I really enjoy a well integrated wardrobe built in harmony with the architecture of your home.

That’s why a bespoke item, designed following the architecture of your house, can make the difference. The wardrobe will be part of your house as a wall and you’ll never feel its presence. 

#1: make the wardrobe disappear

Use plain and simple doors – painted with the same colours of your walls. You’ll never regret this choice. No handles or pattern. As we said, it has to disappear. Try to use all the space, from floor to ceiling. Only in this way you can maximise the space at your disposal avoiding that little, dusty gap above your wardrobe.

01 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

© House B by Elf Architekten

02 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

© House B by Elf Architekten

03 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti


04 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

© Wei Yi Design Associates

05 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

© RMBG architects

#2: Multifunctional spaces

The new real innovation. You don’t need to open a door anymore. You just gently slight module after module along a rail path.

This is a revolution. Your wall between the bedroom and the living room can be a wardrobe and you can modify the space along your necessities. 

Fantin – Binaria

06 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

07 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

Moving and rotating furniture is now a trend. Look at this spectacular project by PKMN Architectures

#3 Low cost wardrobe

This is a project from the Italian architectural firm Hypnos. This is a really interesting idea: the young architects decide to use a non-slip mat, normally used as an under-carpet, as doors for the wardrobe. I love the intriguing pattern and effect they achieved. Low-cost, beautiful and incredibly easy to replicate.

08 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

© Hypnos studio

09 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

© Hypnos studio

10 - WARDROBE - Architetturaxtutti

© Hypnos studio

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