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In the future we will live more and more in small spaces, whether you like it or not.

Especially here in London, where I live. The UK has a housing crisis and it has some of the smallest properties in Europe.

And small units are going to be in demand. For an increasing number of people, living in a smaller space is a deliberate decision. People are getting tired of huge houses that aren’t particularly well-built and cost a fortune in mortgage payments and maintenance.

So, if you are going to buy a new apartment and it’s extremely small, take a look at this incredible project by architect Denis Svirid.

This project shows us that surfaces can be creative and also the smallest apartment on earth can achieve a spectacular level of sophistication. I’m fascinated by how a well-designed space can improve happiness and support a lifestyle. I’m also fascinated by how the apartment itself is arranged to provide the most functionality.

Here some key points:

. Quality is important as furniture and rugs will get more use than usual.

. Each object can have a double function. Make everything multi-functional. A door could be a mirror, a mirror could be storage and the sofa is also a bed.

. Use sliding doors instead of standard doors. It will help you to save a lot of space.

. Think vertical when it comes to storage. Never waste space under or above furniture. Look at hidden opportunities for storage. Use all the walls, corners and space available.

. When decorating limit the colour palette of the finishes. Use the same colour paint throughout the house, and match the timber veneer for shelves and wardrobes.

. Lights and illumination: fulfil the space with natural and artificial lights.


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