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Decorex international 2015

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It has been a buzzing London this past week, a hive of activity and creativity – thanks to The London Design Festival.

Starting with Decorex International, a very good occasion to discover new brands and ideas for our homes.

It happened there, in the Sion House garden at the Decorex that I made my mind and decided that my future home will be a prefab box as the one showcased in the show. Bert’s Box made by Box 9  is one of the coolest house I have ever seen. It was really well presented and the idea that it is possible to have a house in just 14 weeks really attracts me. We were hugely impressed by both the quality of the interior and the finishes.


Bert’s Boxes are stylish houses, with modular spaces that are truly unique and timeless, especially for the materials. They take prefab to a new level with reclaimed timber walls and floors, green roofs and underfloor heating below the handmade encaustic tiles.


Industrial style bathroom


I decided quite immediately that I would like to live in one of these.

Thanks to Urban Cottage  for the pictures. They are the creators of all the lights inside the house.

But this was just the beginning of the show. After that, we discovered an entire world of new brands and finishes for the interior design that I’m sure – you will appreciate.

Atelier Anthony Roussel

Award winning artist and designer Anthony Roussel incorporates his signature wood layering technique to create beautiful intricate surfaces for high-end interiors. The geometric designs can be used on the interior or exterior to cover any kind of surface you would panel or tile. Try to imagine them in your living room, maybe behind your sofa?

surface design

surface design 2

Hunting & Narud

Hunting & Narud are a Norwegian-born duo, London based design studio. I was really impressed by their Apex tables. I love the shape and the materials. And the idea behind these coffee tables is really interesting: they flipped the traditional role of the glass. Usually glass is used as the more delicate and decorative material, whereas here it is used as the container and as the main structural support.

Coffee Tables


Alki and their first bioplastic chair

Basque designer Jean Louis Iratzoki has moulded the shell of a chair from a plant-based polymer that is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Usually the injection moulded chair are made from non-renewable plastics, really harmful to the environment. But this new alternative type of plastic is fully biodegradable and it comes from beet, corn starch and sugarcane.

The chair is really beautiful to look at. Well proportioned, harmonic shape and pastel colors. The price is around £400 – without delivery.

Bioplastic chair

bioplastic chair alki

Tom Faulkner – Ava table

Tom Faulkner is an award winning British company, specializing in handmade metal furniture. And I particularly love when marble meets metal, as the Ava Table by Tom Faulkner. It is perfectly simple – made of two bronze tetrahedrons, one balanced on top of the other, using their own geometry with the hint of a twist, to allow the slender waist to create the strength needed to carry a marble top.

marble table corian


One of my favorite. I would like to dress my entire house with their furniture. Again, it’s the combination between a simple and intriguing shape and natural materials that makes these objects really unique.

Anders Light

Sculpted from layers of banana fibre, draped and stitched around the central light fixing. Being an handmade piece, each light is unique and variations to its shape and form will occur. Price £1180 excluded delivery.



Iona Cheval mirror

This elliptical mirror has a shaker-style joint and brass riveted details on one side and a split baton on the rear for ease of hanging.



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