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Mix and match + add new focal points. These are the keys to achieve intriguing spaces, astonishing atmosphere and a comfy living room. Starting from the sofa. The new trends want it bold, aggressive and colored. It has to be the masterpiece of your living room.

Credits by Dwell


Think at it: most of the time the sofa is in the middle of your room and it’s the main focus of your space. But which covering is the best? The latest trends in the interior design are pretty clear about it. Welcome back to the velvet, to choose as an alternative to the classic leather.  The velvet was the luxury covering for furniture and walls in the 18th century.  It’s smooth, soft and incredibly shiny.

Now it’s perfect with metal and copper surfaces to add the unexpected element in your living room.


Credits by Levillageberlin

Dedar Milano just launched a new fabric’s collection which include a deep, rich green velvet in it.  To launch the collection –  they have chosen the incredible Villa Necchi in Milan, one of the most amazing, historic place in the city. The Villa was built in the 1932 by the architect Piero Portaluppi and it remains one of the best example of great, luxurious interior design of the Italian architecture.


But if you are looking for something more contemporary, Saba Italia has launched the new collection Family: a really good, comfy sofa bonded with fine velvet.


Also the Bacon Sofa by I Meridiani is a good example of how the fine velvet could add the particular and unexpected feeling to your living room.  Look at the blue one: it immediately declare that your are in a very magic space.



If you want something more desaturated, Alf da Fre’ and its California sofa is made for you. I love this set up and how they played with the soft surface of the sofa against the solid and raw wood of the coffee tables.

Complementi 2015 pag 120S (1)

If you have enough space, the new trend is not to place the sofa directly on to wall. It’s better to live some space around it and use a consolle or a little bookcase behind it to complete the look.

Complementi 2015 pag 70S

And now it’s time to concentrate of what will be around your sofa. It’s better to chose a different kind of armchairs if you want to create an intriguing space. Think always on how you can differentiate your space, on how you can add complexity and different levels to your room.

With a velvet sofa, you can combine a leather armchair as these set up suggested.



The coffee table is another focus point and it’s really important. If you want to understand how to use it, read more on our previous post.



And don’t forget about lighting. Oh, lighting is so important when you start decorate your room! They can really change the entire room. During the Decorex 2015 I met this company Cto Lighting and I was immediately inspired by their products and set up! They have the right balance between the masculine and raw aspect of the industrial style and the elegance of the vintage lines.



The main points where to add lights are: on the coffee table with a table lamp, near the sofa with a floor lamp and on the wall with an indirect illumination wall lamps.


If you prefer a retro’ style, the Dioscori series is what are you looking for. Made by Artemide, these lamps are always an evergreen and they feet perfectly in each kind of space.


And don’t forget: the secret is to use always a warm light. Don’t choose cold lights if you want a comfy living room.

Other elements to emphasize your space:

. Books – especially on the coffee tables or near the sofa.



. Mirrors – especially behind the sofa. The Adenet Mirror by Gubi is something that can not miss in your house.



. Plants: the living room is the best place where to have a lot of plants. The new trends want them tropical, with a large foliage to fulfill the room.


Cover Image credits AIOSA



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