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How to decorate your room: when you start decorating there are some keys to keep in mind. Here below some “insider tips”  that can guide you to reach an harmonic environment.

The architecture of your room

That includes the size, the shape of your room and each element inside, from the skirting to the ceiling. Each of these elements is like one ingredient to mix together. For example, the ceiling is the fifth wall of the room and we always forget about it.
But an accurate study of your room can create a new sensational, intriguing space. Painting it with the right color can immediately up-rise your room. It’s not for everybody – some people love it, some hate it – but it’s very charming.

Make a list of each  architectural feature in your room and have a think on how you can decorate every single one.


Courtesy of Dekko Bird


Courtesy of Coffee Break


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When you start decorating, light and contrast are absolutely keys.

A color can change a lot during the day. And that’s the magic.
When you chose a color for your room is better to keep in mind:
If your room is on the south face, the light will be yellower.
If your room is on the north face, the light will be greener.
Look it at day and night because the color really changes and that’s the magic.

colore Monet

Monet and his studies regarding the interaction between colors and light.

Chose color that you like and you feel comfortable with it.

Take just two colours: you can use them in millions of ways through the house.

You can take the colours in a room and use in another way in another room. If you are not sure on how to combine two colours together, the rule is simple: chose the darker tone and mix it with a 50% of white. You have just created a sympathetic white to use with it. And the result is granted. The room will magically feel bigger and lighter and you feel more comfortable.

Lighter color above, darker color beneath.

We always suggest to you a darker color beneath and a lighter color above. The room opens up, it will feel bigger.


Courtesy of Alexander’s. Photo by FarrowandBall

darker and lighter

Courtesy of Ikea

Inside Out Kids rooms interiors stylist Jessica Hansen 2015 April 201505

Inside Out Kids rooms interiors stylist Jessica Hansen 2015 April 201505


Light space – Light color / Dark space – dark color

If you have light throughout the space use light colours while dark colours in dark space works fantastically well. If you have a small room and you paint it white, it’s ok, it’s just a white room. Try to apply a darker color and you will see the result.

Don’t’ be afraid to use strong colors.

darker color 2

Courtesy of RSD

strong color

Courtesy of Déco Vintage

darker room

Courtesy of Brit


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