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Let’s talk about bedroom. Is one of the coolest space in the house and even if it’s a tiny room, doesn’t have to be boring. A hint of personality can easily remove a sense of boredom and monotony.

But bedrooms are not the easiest room to get right. Take a look a these easy-to-steal bedrooms decorating ideas and follow us in this little guide on the 5 things your bedroom needs to be cool and cosy. Remember: It must be functional, usable and desirable.

Bedroom accessories

Flowers and plants immediately add a new sensational look to your bedroom. On the bedside table a floral composition introduces a new focal point. It’s the same if you use bowls and boxes for jewellery and objects. It’s like a coffee table and if you want to take some suggestions on how to decorate it, take a look at our previous article regarding this little, important object in our house.

Shiny Furniture and Bedroom Lights

Something shiny is requested to multiply the lights reflections. Could be a mirror, a glossy vase, or an entire wall. Also the lights are really important. Choose really soft lights, not too bright, the bedroom is the place where you want to relax! If you have a little nook in this room try to illuminate it with a floor lamp and apply wall lamps with indirect illumination on the walls. Think carefully at the zones you use mainly and try to illuminate them. A warm, delicate light on the bedside table it’s not only a decoration but is also another important focal point in the composition of your room. Always look at the big picture.

Beside tables

Try not to match the bedside tables. The mismatched bedside table look is something that is both timeless and is currently a hot trend as well. Use occasional tables or create a dichotomy in terms of shapes or colour palette. Most of our spaces lack of personality because we think that repetition is better than diversity. To tell you the truth, a little differentiation is much more inviting. Plus, it is a great way to express your own unique style. And this is the key when you start decorating your home. (Do your remember when we talked about chairs? Same principle).

Bedroom colours

To create an intriguing space and add more drama the colour is fundamental. We particularly love the dark tones and they work fantastically well in bedrooms. A deep blue with white-grey linens is simply a must. Is not true the room will feel much smaller. It’s the opposite. And it’s something unexpected.

Incorporate Art, pictures and photos.

This is the place. You can use a big, relaxing picture as your bed head. Or you can put together many little frames. It doesn’t matter. What it is really important, it’s to break the wall’s monotony.


Perfect combination: rug, neutral linens, art, plants and finally lights. Courtesy of  YellowTrace


 Mismatched bedside table look. Courtesy of alexanderwaterworth


Use a mirror to multiply the space and reflect the lights. Play with dark and deep colours. Courtesy of BloodandChampagne


Shiny furniture and neutral tones. Photographer Derek Swalwell


Dark colours and mirrors. Courtesy of BloodandChampagne


Dark colours, plants, lights and gold reflections. Courtesy of BloodandChampagne


A gorgeus copper wall as a bed head. Courtesy of Archilovers


Love the dark colours!

HH_sovrum_gr_na_v_ggar_koppar 2

Pictures and copper details by Hitta Hem

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