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The coffee table is an essential accessory to add a distinctive touch to your home. And it is extremely useful.

Small and humble, it can indulge in lively colors and extravagant shapes. Whether it sits in the center of your composition or simply besides your sofa, never underestimate its importance

Recent trends praise the lightness of tubular steel, rigorously colored or in bronzed copper. Alf da Frè, an Italian company, proposes the TUFT coffee table. Simple, colored and light. Gorgeous both by itself and combined with other tables. In a setting of neutral colors, an accent on orange or turquoise ­­– perhaps in combination with cushions – will enrich your environment making it more interesting.

Complementi 2015 pag 232S

Alf Da Frè_Tuft

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Alf Da Frè_Ceppo

The renewed interest for decoration attracted us to this fascinating coffee table by Loop&Co (a company from Bari), with its shelf made of plastered wood and decorated by hand with spray masks resembling the refined lace of Apulian tradition. The structure is antiqued and varnished and consists of curved raw-iron rods. A project that rediscovers a style founded on traditional craftsmen’s work and represents the triumph of handmade excellence. A truly unique collection piece.


If you’re looking for something more humorous, but nonetheless exceptional in design, the Fairy Tales coffee table by Valsecchi1918 it’s ideal for you. Ideal for a reading corner, its shelf evokes a pile of never-opened books. It’s funny, unique and special.


Personally, we are crazy about mirrors. A mirror can really change the whole perception of a room. And it’s really glamour. Like the Bollywood coffee table by Casamilano, chic and refined, designed by Paola Navone. In light settings, next to a white sofa with violet highlights – cushions and flowers – it is just perfect.


If, on the other hand, you want the center of the room to be the focus of attention, you will have to dare! Neon colors, especially in very dark settings, act as catalyzers. An example? Voilà by Bonaldo, in colored Plexiglas. The colors are lively and able to enrich any surrounding.


Once you’ve picked your coffee table, how will you decorate it? Learning to arrange objects harmoniously is an art you shouldn’t underestimate, just like weighting colors and volumes. The golden rule is to create rhythm with vases, flowers, books and candles. Inspire yourself to the more modern bookshops (Triennale di Milano, for example) to learn o arrange objects. The idea of placing a vase of flowers on top of books instead of directly on top of the table is a little tip. Start with these small tricks and you will see your house acquiring more and more style.





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