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Just come back after a really  intensive and exciting week in Milan looking for new ideas and inspirations .

The Italian furniture fair  Salone del Mobile, is one the most important event in Europe, especially  if you want to discover the new trends, design and materials for the 2015.

And now, we are ready to share with you what we spotted out.

 1. Jungle and Safari Style

No doubts. The protagonist is the wild nature.

Installations, wallpapers and objects are inspired by the tropical jungle environment.

Luxuriant plants are strongly featured across a diverse range of exhibitors and markets, from the high-end luxury players to avant-garde designers and more established brands.

Hermes was the pioneer of this trend in the 2014 but now also Missoni, Louis Vuitton and Casamania follow this new tropical passion. The objects are not design to control the plants but they try to underline the strength and beauty of the exotic nature.

milano salone 2015-08

Casamania- Courtesy of Wgsn

milano salone 2015-06

Missoni Home- Courtesy of Wgsn

milano salone 2015-02

Ikea- Courtesy of Wgsn

The “objects nomads” launched by Louis Vuitton remind to us the idea of unexplored world and new adventures. Ready to explore the jungle?

milano salone 2015-05

Louis Vuitton “Objects Nomades” Palazzo Bocconi – Milano

2. 3d and reflective surfaces 

No more flat surfaces for our furniture. Definitely the trend is to add a gorgeous 3D effect to our cabinets. As Emmemobili did on its collection and the result is something unexpected and really pleasant to see.

milano salone 2015-05

milano salone 2015-03


Vice versa, the “design queen” Patria Urquiola launched another successful and brilliant idea. She added a reflective, multicolor film to her latest glass tables collection and once again, she obtained a magnificent and unpredictable object .

milano salone 2015-07

milano salone 2015-10

milano salone 2015-12

Glas Italia-Shimmer

3.Wireframe furniture

We wrote about this material in our latest post. It will be an essential component for our future furniture. Especially for lights. Vibia used it for its new collections of lamps. When you turn on the light, it creates a charming and fascinating mood, shaping high-contrast lights and shades.

milano salone 2015-02



milano salone 2015-01

Plus-Halful by Joe Velluto 

When it is combined with wood, it helps to make your furniture less serious and “heavy” (visually speaking).

milano salone 2015-03

Ultra Edition-Spoutnik

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