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Today we want to talk about Wirra Willa, in Sommersby, Australia, a house designed by the architect Matthew Woodward for his father on a wide field where previously ther was a citrus grove.


It is a relatively small unit of 70 square meters with less than 40 square meters of outdoor area and represents a kind of multifunctional depandance of the nearby main residence.

The main  idea on which is based the whole project is the relationship of this with nature and the environment: leaning like a lily on a mirror of water, the pavilion appears to float lightly;

made on the bank of a pond, it is partly anchored to the ground (where there are the entrance and access to the backyard) and partly suspended over the water. Its orientation is the result of careful analysis, pointing north-east, in fact, the building is able to take full advantage of the warmth of the sun and prevailing winds with a system of sliding doors that let in the breeze in summer unobstructed with the surrounding environment.


The rest comes by itself, with stylistic choices careful to emphasize the appearance of simplicity, lightness and at the same time rigor of the project and that in our opinion can be summarized in three key words: lines, materials and light.

Lines: (if we were an Atlas of architecture would say “less is more” but, as we said, we aren’t !!) Clean and simple, minimal space in the structural elements as well as In furnishing reduced to the essential and customized to leave nothing random,  fully integrated with the existing.  Horizontality and also certain squareness, nothing sinuous or curved, but pure and simple lines that create plans on which water and light play of reflections.


Materials: these also voted to refer the elements of nature, we find the light wood  for the floors, coatings and furnishings, such as live trees surrounding this space, the transparent glass walls ready to come in every ray of light and shielded only by white curtains, the only element that gives internal movement in a so static equilibrium.


Light: element that plays the lead role in this house at any time, during the day reflecting on the water surrounding and slipping inside the pavilion through the windows,  while at night with lighting design perfectly calibrated and discreet that makes Wirra Willa a small body of light in the dark quiet created by nature.


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