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When you think about the color for your home,  did you ever say “anything but pink”? Well.. in this post we want to tell you: never say never!

Pink is known for its calming properties and it’s the symbol of love and kindness. It relaxes the nervous system and conveys a sense of security and tranquility. For this reasons it’s the perfect color for the night zone and the living room, environments voted to the relax and the mental rest.

Here you can find some really stylish nuances and combinations that will give you an idea of what is better for your home.

Ethereal …

A pale and evanescent pink tone, ideal for a minimal and north European style. It’s perfect if combined with white woods as cedar.

You can try also to combine this light pink with a purple -dark blue.

Funny …

Associated with bright tones such as yellow, pink is perfect for a children room.

Copper …

Have you got some copper homewares? Definitely a pink color will emphasise the reddish tone of the copper amplifying its beauty.

Copper lights  styling by Heather Nette King, photo by Mike Baker, copyright Fairfax Media

Scandinavian Pink…

Did you know that pink is used for the interior in the North European design? So used that they have a tint called “Scandinavian pink” .

It is a really bold pink often used in contrasts with light and white woods – typical of the North European interiors.

Now it’s up to you …Let’s go!

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