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Architecture and contemporary design never stop moving on unexplored paths , voracious eaters of new materials and innovative technical solutions, without distinction by passing tests in laboratory, solutions that come directly from nature with the use of new natural fibers, special treatments for the wood and more.

In this system where it’s so important the environmental sustainability a timeless material such as copper sounds perfect, combining aesthetics, functionality and respect for the environment because of its antibacterial and full recyclability.

Always used in construction materials such as high performance , the copper is experiencing a new era in design and in the field of interiors; used alone or combined with other materials such as wood, stone , metal , or other items it uses in addition to the aforementioned technical properties and easy workability even the unique natural color.

The conjugations are the most diverse and as an example we report some interesting products that demonstrate the enormous potential functional and aesthetic of this noble and ancient materials .

To report an important event :


The Italian Copper Institute (IIR ) in collaboration with European Copper Institute ( ECI) launched the 5th edition of the international competition ” Copper and the Home.” The competition is open to young people under 40 and projects must be submitted by September 2014.

Bookcase – Ferruccio Leviani for KME_Showroom Milan, Via Francesco Sforza


Gong – Prandina

Suspended lamp for diffused or direct lighting



Beehive A331 – Alvar Aalto for INFURN

Hanging lamp with diffused light



Ninja – Karim Rashid for Alloy

Copper tiles for floors and walls


Scala Villa Mallorca – ARUP Study

Scale panels in perforated copper

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