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Starring role for material of the year goes to: Wood. The surfaces provide a matter sense of touch with a pleasure tactile feeling. The textures are emphasized, the colors are over-saturated and the carved shutters of the cabinets give a total 3D effect. A great example comes from Boffi: in its kitchens the brand introduces shutters made of vertical wood planks, matched with a satin stainless steel countertop. The effect and the quality of the finish make this combination unique. eurocucine2014-05 12042014-IMG_6346 The other trend of the year is brought by inspirations of Piet Mondrian’s geometric paintings and their modular compositions. Boffi launches a kitchen model with an insight into the De Stijl artistic movement. Salinas kitchen system designed by Patricia Urquiola is identified by the material of the shutters and countertops, very refined and innovative, especially regarding the chromatic aspect. eurocucine2014-02 eurocucine2014-04 Talking about appliances – especially cooking appliances – the technology of induction cooktops is taking over in latest generation kitchen. The heating surfaces are flattop glass-and-ceramic, perfectly recessed in the countertop. Like the model CX 480 from Gaggenau; the entire induction surface can be used as one large cooking zone. The cookwares are automatically identified and heated exactly where they stands! eurocucine2014-07


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