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Our journey in the world of recycling continues with other solutions for the floor such as the one created by Ting with the discard of leather belts that we have already seen.

The starting point is always the same: to reuse items that belong to other sectors to create a new object of impact, exploiting the inherent features that in these cases are well combined with a walking surface.

Hence two new brilliant examples:

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– Hardwood Floors obtained from wine boxes unused. The result is unique and always different, characterized by a varied texture thanks to inserts of different woods and printed texts that remember their original function. A floor very warm and suitable in particular in public places because of impact and very resistant.

This finish can also be used as a coating on the wall.


– Carpet made ​​from the labels of the jeans. If you need space in your closet and want to get rid of your old pants here is a good idea to retrieve them!

Designed by Swedish designers Kingofsweden, the product is, as in the previous case, a one-piece, very strong and durable; patches are in fact not only sewn together, but they are applied on a cotton base which gives it uniformity.

Although the first example appears not very cheap, this second possibility is even more expensive because of the particular labor required for the realization. Available in two sizes 140 x 160 x 200 cm or 240 cm will give a real touch of creativity to your living room!

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