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The spaces in which we live, work are constantly changing , the plant rigid of seventhies apartments is gradually giving way to unique space and are often characterized by fictitious partitions , temporary , and so what is a kitchenette can easily reconvert to a study , a space hobbies and so on.

The strong variability of this organization creates the need to define the spaces through furniture , color and surfaces . Then you try to make a place welcoming , accessible and changeable over time.

In this cases fit perfectly modular carpets , real puzzle that have the gift of being able to create living spaces ideally . A concrete example of this aspect is the designers of the study Allt , creating Cityscapes, a modular carpet inspired by the road surface of the metropolis.


The rug is made ​​up of 40 modules rhombus intersect each other at will, creating several different shapes depending on the requirement of use, covering an area of ​​about two square meters . The material is 100% wool glued on a support of rubber that makes it non-slip . The neutral color and smooth surface enabling it to be suitable for use in any location associated to the most disparate finishes and colors .

Cityscapes has not yet found a manufacturer but in our opinion it would be worthwhile to invest in an element so ” simply articulated,” a sign can evoke space , defining its own contours.

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