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In this post we would like to showcase a perfect example of great and simple Light Design.

The light “La Plic” by Lignet Roset is a decorative lamp for interior. Like a torch, when you turn on this lamp it creates a charming and fascinating mood, shaping high-contrast lights and shades. It is only composed by an incandescent bulb and a stainless steel clamp – in order to fix it on the wall.





If you like this type of lamp – with exposed bulbs – we also suggest you to take a look at this product: “Parentesi” a lamp designed by Achille Castiglioni and produced by Flos.

This lamp won the Compasso d’Oro award in 1979

“Pio Manzù had the original idea for Parentiesi. He thought up a fixed vertical boom and a cylindrical box with a slot for the light, which went up and down: you stopped it with a screw. He replaced the boom with a metal chord that, when bent creates friction and enables the lamp to be in position without requiring any screws” Achille Castiglioni” – from Flos

Price: less then 250 $. It’s an iconic object, a typical Italian Design product.



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