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This post takes inspiration from a movie, Lucky Number Slevin. The movie is a thesis on interior design: it’s an essay on how you can decorate your home using only wallpapers and colorful details. An example is the entryway of the “Rabbi’s son”.

At the entrance of the Rabbi’s son house you can immediately notice the Ikea Lamp Fillsta.

If you want to copy the style using a design piece, have a look at the lamp Norm by Normann Copenhagen, purchasable on the website finnishdesignshop. lampade-sospensione-design-originale-4397-6718383

A lamp can help you to create a welcoming and warm area and if you are on a limited budget, you can use just a simple chair or a freestanding  hanger to decorate your entryway.

Less is more: the only piece you need is a vintage dresser combined with a big mirror or some beautiful modern pictures combined with vases, table lamps and other objects.

Dark Mood Gallery

Bright mood Gallery

An idea: my father used to collect records, especially rock music vinyls. Fortunately, he transmitted to me the same passion. Old records usually have a great graphic cover and you can think at them as paintings or pieces of art. That’s why vinyls are great to be hanged on a wall. They are cheap and the frame size – squared – is always the same, in order to create a modular layout.
 Take a look at the sketch below for inspiration.
Cover Image from behance

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