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Epoxy resin floor is a continuous surface without the classic grout joints of the ceramic tiles. It is usually 3-4 millimeters thick and it can be over imposed on the old floor avoiding its removal.

All the range of resins on the market allow to be really creative: using particular laying techniques you can create a resin floor with concrete look or stone look.

Contrary to common beliefs, resin is not a fragile material. It has very good wear resistance, has waterproof features and it can’t be affected by mold. For this reason, it is also used in areas such us bathrooms and basements.



Laying phases

3 phases to apply resin to any surfaces

. For the first coat is used an Epoxy Resin that is less brilliant but has more compressive strength

. The second layer is made of Polyurethane Resin that gives shine and scratch-resistant peculiarity to the surface

. The third and last layer is a varnish film, it can be coloured or transparent and it is a protective layer

The resin floor is ready to be used after 48 hours from the laying

The cost of a resin floor can vary based on the quality of the product and on the laying contractor competence. Price range can start at 8$/sq ft to 20$/sq ft. The more refined décor the more expensive will be the final cost.

Resin flooring and surfaces can be made in every color and kind of finish: matte, glossy or satin.

It can be applied on walls, staircases or any other surface.

Cover image credits: © interior architects from Archdaily

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