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Nowadays, if you are looking for a home to buy or rent – especially if are looking for a medium/small apartment- you can stumble into an apartment that has a bathroom without the shower or with the tub right under the window.

At first glance this solution seems less comfortable and with a lots of cons, but with the right expedients you can obtain a functional shower nook, having more space in the room for other furniture arrangements.

Tub Enclosure

The market offers a wide range of solutions to enclose your tub: sliding, folding or pivot glass doors are an example.

In this case we suggest a folding door, in order to occupy less space as possible. You can choose a door with modern and minimal stainless steel profiles which provide waterproof resistance and a pretty finish



Position of the side rail or height-adjustable nozzle

Usually, when you have a shower, you stand in front of the noozle wall, occupying a space of about 2’5” (70-75 cm)

For this reason, if you fix the height-adjustable noozle on the shortest wall could result uncomfortable. Put it on the longest wall instead, leaving at least 2” distance from the side wall

And then the shower head. It could be fixed at 6’ 6” high from the floor (particular exceptions occur for tall or small people). By the way, a height-adjustable nozzle and a long enough hose provide solution to this inconvenient.

The type of shower head

You can find disparate products in this case, ranging from devices with massager functions to chromotherapy or steamy shower head. Choose one with raindance jet type. It is the ideal choice for those who appreciate a convenient and pleasant shower experience mixed with a timelessly modern bathroom design and low maintenance. Moreover, a raindance jet will reduce the lateral sprays.


Final Tip

If you have a wood window, it’s better to treat it periodically with an appropriate water repellant product for humidity and sprays

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